Mario Party Advance

Mario Party Advance

Mario Party Advance

Party on, dud.

How many games does the tubby plumber and his dysfunctional friends need to star in, exactly? Not content with his burgeoning Soccer career, reviving his side scrolling glories and planning an unlikely future as the leader of a hip hop gang (probably), his family now want to own the party scene on the handheld and it's a Mario game too far that is interesting only in its stunning ability to bore the pants off even the most ardent Mariophile.

Developed once again by party-poopers Hudson, the terminally long-running series has been roundly ignored for half a dozen incarnations on Nintendo's home systems for seemingly forever - and for good reason as it happens. Its first mistake is that it's possibly the only Mario title designed as a safe little suite of party games for kiddywinks. Anyone vaguely aware of what makes a good videogame can move swiftly on, as you'll very quickly discover that most - if not all - of its hundred odd mini games are among some of the most insultingly undemanding and badly-designed efforts you'll ever see associated with the beloved franchise. But after the brilliance of the WarioWare games we were somehow hoping the irreverent humour and quirky charm could translate to its first GBA outing. How wrong could we be?

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