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Metal Slug Collection for PSP

Six games on just one UMD.

It's been ten years since 2D shooter Metal Slug appeared in the arcades, and to celebrate SNK is set to release a new compilation for the PSP.

Micro Machines v4 announced

Micro Machines v4 announced

It's official - and out this summer.

Codemasters has officially announced that a new Micro Machines game is currently in development for PS2, PSP, PC and Nintendo DS.

Micro Machines v4 is being developed by Supersonic Software, who were responsible for various other MM games as well as the Mashed series.

Expect hundreds of unique vehicles, including sports cars, street racers, stock cars 4x4s, beach buggies, lowriders and muscle cars. They all handle and perform differently, and there are loads of weapons and power-ups to collect - including the car-mounted giant hammer.

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