Knights of the Temple 2

Knights of the Temple 2

Knights of the Temple 2

De Raque on the rack.

Ask me about Knights of the Temple 2 in a year's time and I may well respond with a blank 'Never-heard-of-it' stare. This is one of those titles that fills a cold wet winter weekend pleasantly enough but then fades from the memory faster than a Murder She Wrote plot or a Daniel O'Donnell ditty.

OK, to be fair, a year from now I probably will remember a few things about KOTT2. I'll doubtless recall that it was a third-person hack-and-slash button-masher with a chronically-uninspired plot that had something to do with a medieval knight, a hell gate and some unwelcome demons. If I think really hard I may be able to recollect dashing around an attractive quayside slicing manically at charging Saracens; I might remember a scene in a tavern where I got to participate in a drunken William Tell routine - shoot the apple off the wench's head while under the influence of the local brew and win the treasure map (or something along those lines). Beyond these fuzzy memories and a mental knotted handkerchief reminding me not to get too excited about KOTT3 nothing will remain of my KOTT2 experience except the following observations...

Short on character

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