King of Fighters '03

King Of Fighters 2003

King Of Fighters 2003

What's a few years between friends?

Much like every other band that has prefixed its name with 'The' in recent memory should be politely informed that it isn't the seventies anymore, somebody really needs to tell SNK what year it is. For the last few we've been seeing Playmore milk the back catalogue seemingly at random, throwing out titles whose names make their ages perfectly clear to prospective purchasers. So almost exactly three years on from its Neo Geo release, does SNK's attempt to compete with the likes of Capcom Vs SNK 2 still cut it?

Honestly? No.

But then this was never the strongest game in the series to begin with. With so much variety in beat-'em-ups at the turn of the millennium, SNK had no choice but to pull out all the stops to try and compete. Picking your three party members as usual is warmingly familiar but once you get into battle, things start to go wrong. While it does offer the opportunity to switch characters, 2003's tag system simply doesn't know what it's trying to do. Team leaders do more damage and have exclusive access to the top end desperation moves, immediately losing you two often invaluable supers compared to previous KOF games; tagging out is slow and offers no health recovery, making it more or less redundant as a tactical tool. The whole thing just falls into a nondescript middle ground, surrounded by the thrills of Marvel Vs Capcom's flashy switches, SNK's own tactical striker system and the general solidity of Capcom Vs SNK 2's ratio-based teams. But if anything could save face for a King Of Fighters game, it was always going to be the character roster.

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