Kikstart II

Kikstart II

Kikstart II

It's got motorbikes in it!

Not dissimilar to Stuntman in concept, the novel idea of Kikstart II was to complete a motorbike assault course in the quickest possible time - preferably quicker than your opponent.

Presented in a simple side-scrolling split-screen format, the sequel was, once again, released at the bargain price of GBP 1.99, but represented a monumental improvement on the tech demo that was the original Kikstart.

The gameplay might have looked pretty simple, but in reality it was a fiendish game with a challenging learning curve which would bloody the noses of hardcore games today. But once you sussed out the precise demands of each type of scenery, success became a matter of memorising the course layout and being able to adjust your speed at precisely the right time.

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