Katakis (aka Denaris)

Katakis (aka Denaris)

Katakis (aka Denaris)

The real R-Type.

Poor Rainbow Arts, poor Manfred Trenz.

In the space of three tormented months, two of the very best C64 games ever released had to be pulled from the shelves. Following on from Rainbow Arts' run-in with Nintendo over The Great Giana Sisters, it then faced another copyright infringement conundrum after Activision considered that Katakis was way too similar to R-Type - a game it owned the rights to and planned to release a port of. In both cases, Trenz was closely involved in their creation, so he can't have been too impressed either.

But such annoying trivia didn't stop most C64 owners enjoying the game, and both of these legally dubious titles more than justify their place among our line-up of Commie favourites.

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