Jelly Pops

Jelly Pops Review

Jelly Pops Review

Intestinal fortitude.

Video games have quite a wish list at the moment. We need faster broadband, new hardware and publishers willing to try the big money risks, for starters. Mainly, though, we need a name for a genre that is steadily taking over handheld gaming. Canabalt, Tiny Wings, Jetpack Joyride. Race-'em-ups, distance runners, marathon games? What are we going to call these things?

Regardless of the name we eventually land on, PomPom's made another one for PSN Minis - and it's a typically inventive spin on the concept, too. Jelly Pops may sound like an after-school club for hyperactive children, but it looks like the kind of thing you might find after peering down an endoscope.

You're a weird, parasitic worm-horse floating past viscous pools, oozing rainbow blisters and towering red blood cells, collecting gooey trinkets and avoiding equally gooey spikes as you go. It's either beautifully organic or physically repulsive depending on your point of view: a classic PomPom approach to visuals, then.

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