Jelly Defense

App of the Day: Jelly Defense

App of the Day: Jelly Defense

With meaty chunks.

Some genres are so saturated with class, and so large in the first place, that a new contender needs something special. A name as unimaginative as Jelly Defense doesn't help. Although, to be fair to its developers, the bleed of SEO tactics into the App Store's line-up makes such blandness almost a pre-requisite for success. What's that thing about judging a book by its cover?

Jelly Defense makes a good first impression by virtue of its gorgeously gloopy world - looping monochrome backgrounds dotted with bright, bouncy jellies and skittering enemies. It serves a purpose, too, as the key twist to the usual tower defence ruleset is in the form of colour-coded enemies. Red towers attack red enemies, blue towers attack blue enemies, and certain towers are half-and-half. Which sounds manageable, but is the reason behind almost every restart and failed level. It can hurt bad.

The goo-goo eyes and cute touches are there to distract attention from the fact that Jelly Defense is a monster. Things start off simply enough with a few levels featuring long curves and plenty of time to bosh the clueless jellies. Perhaps a little bit of over-confidence settles in - who knows? Then things turn ugly. Jelly Defense has balls of pure steel, and intends to take a hammer and test yours.

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