Jambo! Safari

How I ruined Sega's financial results

Or: What I did on my summer holidays, by Ellie Gibson.

About seven years ago, I found myself sat next to a high-powered Sega executive at a posh dinner. I don't remember the purpose of the dinner; it was probably some awards ceremony. Or perhaps it was an in-house event, like a wake for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise following the release of the Xbox 360 reboot.

Jambo! Safari

Jambo! Safari

Jeep and jeerful.

"jambo safari. one of the greatest games ever programmed. driving and roping ferocious animals. petting them kindly. rinse and repeat. hell yes. who else is on board. who else cannot wait to rope the animals. no more driving to ocean city new jersey to play this very neat very cool game. yes." -

- Forum post by "drumbeater" on GameFaqs.com.

Oh, drumbeater. I was on board. I could not wait to rope the animals. I have never visited Ocean City, New Jersey, but I would have if I'd known there's a Jambo! Safari arcade cabinet there. I even started a petition to bring the series back and when SEGA announced a console game was in development I, like you, rejoiced.

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Jambo! Safari

Complete the special research.

And they say online petitions never work. In your FACE, They, and a great big thank you to the literally thousands (approx.) of people who signed up to support the return of Jambo! Safari. SEGA could not ignore the cry of our united voices and now the classic arcade game is making a comeback. YES WII CAN.