Ice Rage

App of the Day: Ice Rage

Much as the yanks and canucks like to big up ice hockey as a team sport, the truth is its purest expression is one-on-one: fisticuffs, mano-a-mano, Wayne and Garth in the middle of the road. Well, maybe you're allowed a goalkeeper, but everyone knows they're not real people anyway.

Though Ice Rage has a fully-featured single-player mode, with both quick matches and a campaign where you can level up your chunky avatar's attributes, what it's all about is local multiplayer. Yourself and a luckless chum hold either end of the iPad, with on-screen controls at each end, and bash each other around in the pursuit of a slippery slidey puck.

The first reason it works beautifully is the simplicity of the controls, with one stick to skate and one button which, depending on whether you have the puck or not, shoots or tackles. Holding down the button with the puck sees an arrow begin to extend outwards from your character, the longer it gets the stronger the shot, and your aim can be tweaked with the movement stick.

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