Hungry Sumo

App of the Day: Hungry Sumo

App of the Day: Hungry Sumo

The hunger game.

Video games have always been a hotbed of escapism and Hungry Sumo is one of the finest examples in some time: a game where it's hard to put on weight.

It's a single-screen affair where you have to chub up your sumo by holding your finger down on his pasty belly. When you do this he expands outwards, grinning and waving his arms happily as he goes. But watch out! You have no control over his motion, which is a bit like that old screensaver where the words "Windows 95" bounced around your screen endlessly (at least until your brother changed it to "I SUCK"), and if you bump into one of the evil sumo that are also floating around the screen then your guy will shrink in size. If he's already small when this happens then he turns into one of the bad guys and it's game over. If you happen to be thumbing him at the time he makes contact then the outcome's the same.

It gets interesting when your sumo gets really quite large and starts dominating the screen space. You would think this would be advantageous, but if there are quite a few enemy sumo on screen and they're all clattering against his bulk then he will quickly shrink back down - or, worse, you'll inadvertently touch him when he makes contact with one of them and it's game over immediately.

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