The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire

App of the Day: The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire

Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? It's the movie version of the best-selling Suzanne Collins book, and it tells the story of a group of young people energetically stabbing each other in the woods whilst wearing cagoules.

In the future, apparently, the ruler of what remains of North America is essentially a Saturday-evening TV producer. He rules through fear, propaganda, and a long-running version of ITV's Gladiators in which random kids are picked from various rundown districts and forced to kill each other. The whole thing's a touch predictable and it comes with some of the worst art direction I've ever seen in a movie, but Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson are in it, so 2/5, y'know?

All of this makes The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire something of a surprise. This iOS tie-in is super-smart stuff, actually. Instead of firing the licence out to some weather-beaten C-list development studio and getting a shaky third-person action-adventure back in return - the kind with an irrelevant XP system and plenty of QTE set-pieces stuck on - the producers of the film opted to go indie, by the looks of it, ordering up a tart little iOS arcade game with retro-ish pixel art and that vogueish auto-runner action that we all currently love.

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