Green Beret

Green Beret

Green Beret

Hot action in the cold war.

Though not the game's original name, the subsequent wealth of first class home conversions to all adopted the non-US title rather than the cheap and titular cold war pun, Rush 'n Attack. To that end, this aggressive and pointed little platformer is best remembered as Green Beret, and still provides a thrilling violence fix for today's murder-crazed twitch gamers.

What could be finer - or more impressively macho - than storming a Russian nuclear silo armed only with a standard issue combat knife? Grabbing a flamethrower mid rampage, perhaps? Fortunately, our Green Beret was willing to grab any kind of weaponry and put it to good, communist thrashing use; be it hand grenades, flame throwers or rocket propelled grenades.

Just so we wouldn't become too concerned with Ronald Regan's impending peace talks with Good Ol' Gorby, a few P.O.W.'s were placed about the silo to grant just purpose to the massacre, though losing a credit saw the four gallant recidivists lined up against a concrete wall and shot full of the people's lead (a poignant scene that was removed from the typically sectarian NES version).

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