Go Robo!

App of the Day: Go Robo!

There was a time I frequented a particular dive I'll call "X" that was well known as a destination to drunkenly meet and possibly hook up with the opposite sex. It was a scummy little hole in the wall that, in reputation anyway, provided asylum for wayward hipster types from the rampant club-bros and their arm candy that populated pretty much every other square inch of the neighbourhood.

I don't know why anyone would go there, other than out of obvious motivation. The place was a matchbox, the dancing real estate made it impossible to move, and they made lousy drinks. (And that bit about unattached girls? An urban legend.)

Go Robo! reminds me a lot of going to X, not because it's icky or it slings bad cocktails, but because its robot protagonist is cool with just dancing. About 95 per cent of X's clientele just wanted to dance, too, though ultimately they probably aimed to get down in a different way.

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