App of the Day: Gluddle

App of the Day: Gluddle

The eyes have it.

When George Orwell sat down to write dark dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, he couldn't have known that he would one day inspire Gluddle, a physics-based iOS puzzler where you dislodge spying Big Brother-style eyes in the sky.

You play as the Gluddle, a race of colourful orbs that you fling, Angry Birds-style, towards your Orwellian opposition. Your enemies are the Supervision, a totalitarian race of spheres with targets for faces. The monochromatic Supervision loom down on the cheery Gluddle and threaten them in various ways, though the little backstory that is given does not distract from the game itself; just as you now accept pigs and birds are mortal foes.

The game's standout feature is that Gluddles must be bounced off strategically-placed members of their kin to have any chance of reaching their target. Tapping a Gluddle in flight will cause it to freeze in place, turning it into a stationary Peggle-like pin from which you can rebound other hapless Gluddles. Chains of strategically-placed Gluddles must be placed to navigate each level's geography and puzzles, allowing your forces to bounce their way around the map to your goal.

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