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Part 2: Fear, frolf, farming and a bit more drumming.

Following on from part one, Keza stops understanding the alphabet and starts hugging everything vaguely chronologically. We've also done a quick check and she doesn't claim anything was released in "1005" in this one.

Geist dev working on Revolution

Also: office next to SeaWorld!

Geist developer n-Space will continue its close relationship with Nintendo on Revolution, judging by an article on the Orlando Sentinel website.




Having your soul ripped from your body isn't high on our list of 'fun things that can happen to you' - just have a look at some of the poor sods shambling around Brent Cross shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon if you want proof. The tell-tale signs are easy enough to identify: thousand-yard stare, an unusually large number of kids, a passion for fast food, trackie bottoms, and - the dead giveaway - the Burberry accessories. They're a harmless enough bunch, though. Just try to avoid bumping into them after hours down your local high street.

What causes this dramatic soul-body separation has been the subject of heated debate for decades, with self-appointed 'experts' blaming everything from the effects of television, mind-altering drugs, Thatcher, devil worship (see Thatcher), Cilla Black, Noel Edmonds and Big Brother to Goldie Looking Chain. But while scientists work on unravelling this modern phenomenon, game developer n-Space has spent several years creating its own fantasy videogame based on one man's struggle against this problem.

Okay, that's all a terrible, pointless lie - albeit a faintly feasible one that might explain the decline of intelligent life on Earth as we know it. Just substitute Brent Cross shopping centre for the Volks scientific lab and you're there. Almost. In John Raimi's case (the 'star' of the game), one minute he's investigating the disappearance of a colleague at Volks Corps' military research base; the next he's wandering the underground facility trying to suss out where his body just went. What he doesn't realise is his body's busy 'reading' Nuts magazine, while simultaneously downloading new Crazy Frog ringtones [enough! - Ed].

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Geist finally goes gold

Cube shooter complete at last.

n-Space has finally finished work on GameCube first-person shooter Geist, according to a posting on the developer's official website.



We're in an underground military base of some sort, home to nasty experiments. We're holding a big gun, and we're running around with our fellow elite special forces types trying to shoot our way out of it. We're on familiar ground.