Gameglobe Preview: Playful Creation from the Land of Lego

Gameglobe Preview: Playful Creation from the Land of Lego

Can a bunch of triple-A console game veterans take on Sackboy with a free-to-play game?

Sometimes it feels like everyone has a game inside them: some vision they would have already made if it wasn't for a lack of spare time, money, programming skill or motivation. It's a desire so widespread that it made LittleBigPlanet a hit even though many buyers struggled to make even one basic level.

Then there's people like me, those who lack not just the technical know-how but also just the vaguest idea of what game they would make. My game-making began and ended with dismal experiments in BASIC that peaked with a terrible Afterburner rehash that didn't even feature enemies or bullets and boasted simply the arse of a plane flying ever onwards over a landscape of jerky icebergs.

So when, Square Enix's new Danish studio, sat me down in front of its ambitious game-making platform Gameglobe the fear set in. Alarm bells rang in my head. Ideas? Any ideas? Anything? Oh God my mind's gone completely blank. Shit. Shit. Shit.

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