Frisbee Forever

Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Bumpy! Frisbee! Hydro! Contraptions! Starfront!

No sooner have I hit 'send' and filed another excitable mobile roundup, I've got people ranting and raving about the next great mobile classic that I should definitely, totally cover.

Such is the pace of the market at the moment, it's no wonder that the industry veterans with the most to lose are getting all hot and bothered. Dennis Dyack was at it last week, bemoaning the "dramatic disruption" of the mobile games industry.

But while it's easy (not to mention lazy) to slam the "17,000 fart apps", what's more problematic isn't so much the endless crap that appears - that's easy to ignore - but that there are so many good apps coming out. All the time. And really cheap.

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