Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Relax, it's...

Ever willing to take full advantage of a tenuous licensing opportunity, Ocean managed to just about capitalise on the fortunes of the humongous success of Liverpool's finest before the bubble burst for Holly Johnson, Paul Rutherford and the comedy scousers from the 118 adverts. Eh? Calm down.

Released to slightly bewildered acclaim in late summer 'Into the Groove' era of 1985, this almost random collection of minigames seems to have little relevance to the band. Thematically, at least, it played up to the slightly confused, babbling enigma that band's marketing machine seemed determined to attach to the band's controversial image. Evidently, hot Liverpudlian developer du jour Denton Design was happy to oblige for their scouse brethren...

The game itself kicked off, confusingly, inside a fairly normal looking house. You are, like all kids of English suburban 1985, bored shitless and looking for some sort of escapism. So, you run around dull terrace streets, nipping into other people's houses, with the over-arching aim of boosting your personality so you can enter the Pleasuredome. Arf.

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