Flying Hamster

App of the Day: Flying Hamster

App of the Day: Flying Hamster

Is it a bird/plane/Superman? No.

Flying Hamster is a pleasantly conventional game that I discovered because of an extremely weird one. The weird one's Gauge, a brilliant minimalist action thing for iOS in which you control an expanding bar in the name of fun and high scores. It's published by The Game Atelier, as is Flying Hamster. That's the connection! Cool story, bro.

There's no major similarities between the two really, except they're both very hard. Flying Hamster looks cute: it's classic, bright coloured stuff, and you even get to see the titular hero's adorable, tear-filled eyes quivering whenever you load it up. Don't be fooled. Flying Hamster is a bastard. A wonderful, endlessly frustrating bastard.

What kind of bastard? The old school side-scrolling shooter type. The Flying Hamster's girlfriend has been kidnapped - I think - and he's off across 6 different worlds to get her back. Enemies swoop in and out, the screen moves ever forward, and you've got to dodge incoming shots while sending out volleys of your own. Like pattern recognition? Like repeating a level until you've got it just so? This is your kind of thing.

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Slice! Hamsters! Breeze! Seconds! Gun!

We're of a mind to get straight down to business this week - there's quite the variety to get through, from indie darling Breeze to the licensed dogfights of Top Gun. First, however, we feel compelled to mention that this week sees the release of the wonderful Space Invaders Infinity Gene on PSN (7.99) and Xbox Live Arcade (800 Microsoft Points).