Ferrari The Race Experience

Ferrari The Race Experience

"Ferrari don't make cars. Ferrari make dreams," declares the opening screen before a suitably dramatic video sequence powers in. That may be, but you get the feeling that if UK publisher System 3 was left in charge of the Ferrari production line the results while hardly the stuff of nightmares would be disturbing. A bit like opening the glove box to find that you'd suddenly switched off the traction control.

Still, even if not entirely as expected, at least all of the car components would be present and functional: you wouldn't be blasting towards your favourite hairpin only to realise that someone forgot to include a brake pedal. This much is demonstrated by Ferrari The Race Experience, sequel to 2008's Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and this time round a PSN-only proposition that will set you back 11.99 (or 9.99 for owners of Ferrari Challenge). For that modest sum you get a remarkable wealth of content.

Much, like the majority of the 16 circuits (minus the official licences, so Monza becomes Autodromo Italia and GB Midlands Raceway is Silverstone), has been recycled from the franchise's previous outing. But the vehicle roster in particular is now extended to include new models, delivering what is possibly the finest collection of Ferraris in videogame form.

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New Ferrari game cheaper for loyal fans

Today's PSN release follows Ferrari Challenge.

Eutechnyx's new PSN racer Ferrari The Race Experience will be cheaper for anyone who owns the studio's previous prancing horse simulator, Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, on PS3.