Feeding Frenzy

SOE bringing PopCap games to PSN

Peggle, Bejeweled 2, Zuma, more.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a deal to bring five PopCap games to PlayStation Network, starting with Bejeweled 2.

Feeding Frenzy

The scales are out, but have we landed a winner?

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Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy

Rotten fish.

The only disappointing thing about the 360 Live Arcade at the moment is that Microsoft has done so little with it since it launched five months ago. If the service was utilised properly and continued to give access to new titles every week it could be the company's secret weapon. Giving access to quirky new ideas alongside buffed-up retro classics can be irresistible - it services that need for a quick gaming fix in a way that full-priced titles rarely seem to these days.

Yet since the console launched some five months ago, precious few titles of note have been added to the roster. With only a couple of titles joining the line up every month, Microsoft seems - bizarrely - content to largely rehash the same line-up that comprised its original attempt at Xbox Live Arcade.

And while the Redmond giant sits on its hands and does demonstrably very little to take advantage of the service, there's the very real possibility that its rivals could utterly steal its thunder when the Nintendo Revolution launches, delivering a fair chunk of the company's 8, 16 and 64-bit back catalogue for download from day one, while Sony looks set to do something similar when the PS3 launches in November.

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Feeding Frenzy on Arcade

As in, a new game on Live.

Yet another new game's popped up on Xbox Live Arcade overnight - this one's called Feeding Frenzy, and is a port of a dinky PC game about gobbling up fish.