Family Guy

Family Guy

Family Guy

Inanimate animation.

Is it bad form to start a review with the word "awful"? Should I adhere to convention and at least warm you up with some foreplay first, maybe recap the place Family Guy holds in the annals of animated sitcoms? That was my intent, back when I assumed that this tie-in would simply be yet another forgettable licensed platformer.

But then I played it.

And the more time I spent with it the more I realised that I haven't been so furiously irritated by a game since last year's horrendous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The fact that Family Guy comes from the same publisher (and producer) should have set alarm bells ringing. Many of the flaws inherent in Charlie - repetitive tasks, ugly level design, fussy objectives - resurface here, compounded by all new gruesome gameplay quirks.

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