Fairytale Fights

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2nd November 2009

Fairytale Fights gameplay

23rd October 2009

Fairytale Fights

Fairytale Fights

Fairytale Fights

A cautionary tale.

Once upon a time, in a studio not too far away, a developer had an idea. "Why," said the developer, "don't we take the rich, well-established, hugely varied and copyright-free world of popular fairytales and retell them for a new generation? We could even use these traditional characters in a subversive way, making them all edgy and post-modern and stuff."

"I'm not so sure," replied another hypothetical member of staff. "Sounds like hard work. Fairytales are old and moralistic. Nobody cares what pigs do with their houses these days. If we want to attract the kids why don't we just knock out something with loads of blood in it?"

"Why," said a third little imaginary developer, "don't we do both?"

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Sometimes, in moments of particularly focused age-related bitterness, I wonder if the kids these days have it too easy. They live in a world of Ninkynonks, Fimbles and Ballymory - hanging around in Lazy Town eating space fruits and befriending lime-green time-tigers. Of course, my own generation wasn't that hard-done-by either - I lived in Cities of Gold with Wizbit and Morph. SuperTed was my homeboy.