EyeToy: Play 3

EyeToy team questions format rivals

Reckons You're in the Movies won't work.

Sony's EyeToy team has told GamesIndustry.biz that Microsoft and Nintendo will run into problems with their entirely distinct and not at all rippy-offy camera games.

EyeToy: Play 3

EyeToy: Play 3

Sony is watching you. AGAIN.

So. Binge drinking then. The government says it's a bad thing and no mistake, and they're going to get the rozzers on anyone who does it. Apparently, people who drink are outcasts from righteous society and smell, to boot.

Personally, I disagree. As far as I am concerned, without booze, there would be no EyeToy. Disregard any of Sony's "it's for children" nonsense. The correct state of alcohol-induced instability is vitally important for a successful EyeToy play.

EyeToy Play 3 is the third mini-game-fest for the nifty auto-surveillance trinket, and the sixth or so game overall to use a fuzzy outline of me on my tellybox as the primary control system. The games have always been energetic, frantic and fun, and they're always, with this game being no exception, aimed squarely at The Kids. Which is fine, because I'm sure they love it.

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