EyeToy: Lemmings

EyeToy team questions format rivals

Reckons You're in the Movies won't work.

Sony's EyeToy team has told GamesIndustry.biz that Microsoft and Nintendo will run into problems with their entirely distinct and not at all rippy-offy camera games.



Waving the little ones off (a cliff).

"Lemmings is a charming, simple, ingenious puzzle game that deservedly built an empire (and this was before empire-building regressed to the traditional rape, pillage and then beat-them-up-in-the-alley-to-get-your-money-back model)."

That's a little snippet from the conclusion of our Tom's review of Lemmings for the PSP way back in March of this year. I'd suggest, for my sake, you go back and read it again, replacing 'PSP' with 'PS2' for future reference. It seems rather odd now: we were all strangely excited about the series' resurrection back then, weren't we? If the glut of comments is anything to go by, it's probably true. Must have been a slow month.

Suffice to say, I'm not going to waste words explaining the Lemmings concept all over again for what is more or less a straight port of the PSP game, and, as such it works well. Anybody who still can't get their heads around the fact that this can be played without a mouse really needs to offload those last few pounds of sceptical baggage. Pad control is fine and as accurate as a Lemmings game ever could be, especially with the ability both to zoom in a tad and issue commands when paused. Just be warned that the problem of picking out the direction desired of a Lemming when several are walking back and forth in a small space still remains to this day.

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