EyeToy: Kinetic

EyeToy team questions format rivals

Reckons You're in the Movies won't work.

Sony's EyeToy team has told GamesIndustry.biz that Microsoft and Nintendo will run into problems with their entirely distinct and not at all rippy-offy camera games.

EyeToy: Kinetic

EyeToy: Kinetic

Exercise? Is that some kind of mini-game?

Every so often, there falls into the lap of a games reviewer something which makes you pause, double take with a slightly feeble 'huh?' before wondering whether what you have in front of you can be reviewed.

In the case of EyeToy: Kinetic, the reason for the doubt is because this thing is not a game. In this case, I don't mean that it's not a game in the sense that a Flight Simulator fans claim their chosen pastime is a 'simulation not a game', because being a realistic simulation doesn't make a game any less of a game.

No, EyeToy: Kinetic is manifestly not a game. EyeToy kinetic has certain elements that look gamey. But it's a facade. What Kinetic offers you is nothing less than a personal fitness, posture, mind and body coach, all staring at you through one single, menacing wide-angled lens, delivering their sage advice through the medium of your TV.

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