Evolution GT

Evolution GT

Evolution GT


It must be tough to be a racing game. Of course I've never been burdened with being a racing game myself, but I do rather suspect that there would be two things I'd be concerned with were I to be so magically transformed.

Firstly there's the matter of my portrayal of speed. Racing games need to get that adrenal gland pumping, and they're not going to do it if they feel like you're hitching a ride on Grandma's shopping trolley. Evolution GT only just manages to fulfil this basic requirement. It feels solid, but stolid - dependably automotive. You've seen this a dozen times before - realistic to the degree that some sense of fun is lost, but with no sense of accurate simulation acquired. The sensation of zipping along at life-curdling speeds is what makes racing enjoyable, and to ignore it is to misunderstand why videogames have been made into these kinds of experiences the first place.

Secondly, were I a racing game, I'd need to be challenging. But where would one find new challenges for you jaded gamers? Normally it needs to come from your own skills, pitted against those of your gaming opponents. If I were being honest to the world of racing then I'd be concentrating on this singular problem, rather than on any peculiar gimmicks that it might be possible to invent. Racing is about being the best, being the fastest, and not, for example, being able to rewind time...

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