Enemy Engaged 2

Enemy Engaged 2

Enemy Engaged 2

See you later Alligator.

These days only dreamers, masochists, and millionaires build combat flight sims from scratch. Everyone else takes an ageing classic, tarts it up, maybe adding a new campaign or two, then re-releases it. Falcon 4.0 and Rowan's Battle of Britain have both been hoiked out of retirement, re-sprayed, and resold. Now it's Enemy Engaged: Comanche Versus Hokum's turn.

EECH was the best of 2000's bumper crop of military chopper sims. Starring the RAH-66 Comanche and Ka-52 Alligator (two prototype helicopters that looked to have bright futures back then) it charmed all but the most pernickety PC pilots with its accessibility, good looks, realism, and riproaring campaigns. Rather than serve-up strings of scripted sorties, or rely on randomly generated action, Razorworks provided three constantly changing dynamic war-zones to fly and fight in. Fictional yet plausible conflicts in Yemen, Taiwan, and Lebanon, unfolded unpredictably in real-time as you played. Skies swarmed with purposeful aircraft; valleys and hills crawled with angry armour; bases fell, were re-taken, then fell again; airwaves crackled with the voices of the victorious and the vanquished... this was war you could believe in, war you could lose yourself in.

So, a strong candidate for refurbishment - exactly the sort of game that deserves to be polished, prettified, and expanded. What a shame then that it's ended-up getting a requel (the term by which all re-releases masquerading as sequels will hereby be known) as half-hearted as Enemy Engaged 2.

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