Emlyn Hughes' International Soccer

Emlyn Hughes' International Soccer

Emlyn Hughes' International Soccer

Gentlemen prefer football.

It would be easy to slap Commodore's real International Soccer in our first team selection of C64 classics. We could quite justifiably wax on about how important it was to the development of football games (and it really was), but, well, the truth is this 1988 Audiogenic effort was about ten times better, so it gets the nod. The old grizzled warhorse with the medals and the dodgy knees gets to sit in the dugout for now.

Enough with the football metaphors. Audiogenic knew full well what it was doing when it, ahem, borrowed the International Soccer moniker and slapped Emlyn Hughes' smiling mug on the box. To all intents and purposes, this was very much International Soccer, dusted off, buffed up and reinvigorated for an audience starved of a decent alternative (no, really).

In many ways it borrowed everything that was good (and bad) about Commodore's 1983 version, and with some excellent control additions it became the Pro Evolution Soccer of its day.

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