Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Iraq! Wario! Dodos! Knights!

Clearly no introduction tapped out in the aftermath of hung parliament fun could resist making some reference to the fact Eurogamer now resides in the UK's first Green constituency. Appropriate, really, because part of the mandate for any download-friendly game is to lovingly recycle the things that other people leave behind.

This week, all four of our selections stick to these fine ecological principles, with Rocket Knight and Babylonian Twins both being recycled from 1993, while Wario Ware's appearance on WiiWare nicely reheats some leftovers from Intelligent Systems' DS release. DodoGO!, on the other hand, rummages through the bins of Lemmings and Dizzy, scrapes off the mould and creates a rather tasty new morsel. Enjoy!

Babylonian Twins: The Quest For Peace In Ancient Iraq

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