The Divine

The Divine delivers

Website sprouts fruit.

Like the apple guilty of making Eve pop her togs on, fruit has sprouted on The Divine website, a miracle eerily prophesied late last week.

Divine announcement soon

Divine announcement soon

Indie game seeks attention.

Packom Interactive has whipped us into a frenzy this morning with a pre-announcement announcement for its space-shooter Divine, telling us to prepare ourselves for a mega-update on 6th February.

"What we will unveil at that point in time is only for us to know and for you to find out," the game's website reads. We expect maybe a trailer or some screenshots.

Divine is an indie title that started life back in April 2005 as a simple project with an achievable deadline. An asteroid crashed into earth causing people to flee to the available space colonies, you see, and only the "Divine" were granted access, making the rest of the population scatter across space in search of a home.

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