Dewy's Adventure

Dewy's Adventure

Dewy's Adventure

A bit wet?

You could be forgiven for thinking that Elebits was a cute, good-hearted piece of family fun, but it's really very sinister. It's all fun and games when you're gamboling around a garden, smashing pots and uprooting plants and peeking under cars, or when you're on a rampage in Dad's study pulling books off the shelves and making a glorious mess in order to drive out hordes of gleeful little electricity creatures. Elebits almost certainly go somewhere nice once they're zapped into your electricity gun, after all.

It's only in the un-timed Challenge modes that the game shows its inner darkness. Here, you find yourself spending minutes hunting around a completely destroyed house following the terror-stricken shrieks of that one remaining Elebit after you've disposed of all its friends, watching the debris like a hawk for that tell-tale twitch of a piece of broken china that belies a cowering little creature hidden beneath. Only then do the happy music, colourful presentation and joyful squeaking of Elebits fall away to reveal what is essentially a genocide-simulator, in which you find yourself ransacking a home and smashing up its contents in order to root out its last concealed inhabitants. Hardly family-friendly now, is it?

Anyway, Dewy's Adventure is proof (if any were needed) that Elebits' disturbing undertones are entirely accidental. It's from the same Konami development team, and it's the happiest game in the world. Actually it's so happy that it might make you violent. Dewy's Adventure's relentless, chirpy, squeaky, colourful happiness is the most confusing thing about the game; it suggests a young target audience, to the point where it might put older players off entirely, but the actual game itself is strangely old-fashioned. It's a linear puzzle-platformer of the sort I haven't played in years, involving precision jumping, heart-in-the-mouth leaps of faith and exhilaratingly risky detours for the sake of collecting things. If that sounds like your kind of thing, it's worth getting past Dewy's sickening sweetness, for there's a quirky, reflex-punishing platformer hidden underneath.

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Konami gets moist about Wii

With Dewy's Adventure.

Konami has piped up about a new Wii game it's developing, provisionally called Dewy's Adventure. It's about a little water droplet that has to try and save the world from evil - by being tilted around a lot.