Crush the Castle

App of the Day: Crush the Castle

I can't stand Angry Birds. It's not that I mind the stultifying ubiquity of the brand, or even the artless hubris of Rovio in its desperation to become the new Disney based on a single - albeit extraordinary - success.

On the contrary, I think it's brilliant that any game can be downloaded over half a billion times within two years, first appearing on a platform that didn't even exist when the current set of home consoles launched. It's a brave new world out there and if a scowling red bird with a Gallagher monobrow is its poster child, so be it.

No, the reason I loathe Angry Birds is simply that it's all so blisteringly unfair and cynically arbitrary. Any flicker of relief experienced when a stage is completed can never compensate for the emotional trauma sustained in the process. Angry Birds isn't fun, it's self-harm.

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