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Virtual Console Roundup

Virtual Console Roundup

Two for the Commodore 64 and Cruis'n on N64.

Like the callous husband who ignores his wife for weeks, but then comes home early on her birthday with a bouquet of roses and tickets to Paris, so this week's Virtual Console update reminds us why we married the bastard in the first place. Three new games in one day - something that hasn't happened since last year, shockingly - and a whole new platform to play with as well!

Yes, the Commodore 64 joins the Euro VC line up as of today, and it's an event that leaves me torn. As the sort of old git who still sometimes says "computer games" instead of "videogames", the addition of an 8-bit home computer to the line up makes me feel very warm and fuzzy and nostalgic. It also leaves me conflicted, because - like all sensible people - I was a proud Speccy owner, and wanted nothing to do with Commodore's fudge-coloured monstrosity. I've since learned to abandon my partisan ways, of course, but what will it take to get Sir Clive's rubbery wonder on the VC?

But, hey, look at me, waffling on like the Werther's Originals Grandad. There's games to be played.

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