Crabitron review

Crabitron review

Chela instinct.

Giant crabs: didn't that meme die in 2006? Fortunately, the battles Crabitron is based on actually took place just off the shoulder of Ganymede rather than in ancient Japan. And it turns out that space is just the place for an oversized crustacean to get his grub on, full of galactic taxi cabs, nebula ambulances and delicious interstellar burgers. Of course, there's always the threat of meteor showers and police star cruisers to worry about, but hey, you have a big old pair of claws to swat such irritants away while you chow down.

Crabitron himself is more of a wobbly, fleshy mass with claws than a scuttling decapod, his arms elastically stretching out from his body. Just about everything that flies past is fair game for gobbling, although getting hold of your food is an art in itself thanks to a control scheme that has a little of Surgeon Simulator's comic awkwardness about it. It's the making of Crabitron.

You start the game by grabbing both claws between your thumb and index finger, or your index and middle finger if you prefer, on each hand. The latter makes manoeuvring the claws a little easier because they're both flush to the screen, but when it comes to grabbing stuff it's more natural to squeeze your thumb and forefinger together.

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