Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

UK Charts: Lara tops the order

Worms is only new entry

Codemasters' Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 has stepped up to the number one position in this week's UK sales charts, making it into the first cricket title ever to top the ranking since its origin in 1997.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Sweet like chocolate, or bag of wonk?

Roald Dahl's stories are full of vicious cruelties visited upon children. That's why children like them, being so vicious and cruel themselves. Sadly, of course, the loveable old Norwegian is no longer with us, and thus can no longer weave magical tales to demonstrate his wondrous storytelling abilities, vivid imagination and casual racist tendencies.

But if Dahl were alive today, we like to think that the game of the remake of the film of his book might inspire him to write one of the greatest stories he ever produced, starring a villain more odious than all his other evil creations put together.

It might begin one cold and crisp Christmas Eve when children all across the land are tucked up in bed, full of excitement, as they wonder what Santa will bring them this year. A shiny new red bicycle perhaps? A chestnut pony with a mane the colour of butterscotch? Or, best of all, a copy of GTA: San Andreas and an Action Replay!

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