Camp Keepalive

Camp Keepalive review

Camp Keepalive review

Slice to meet you.

Few could deny that the recent boom in indie development has revitalised horror gaming. Free from the blockbuster expectations that too often see terrifying tension replaced with bombastic action, it's the independent PC games that have brought vulnerability and unease back into vogue, enabling players to be genuinely scared by games once again.

Of course, horror doesn't need to be gruelling and scary. It can also be fun and silly, and that's the approach taken by this unfeasibly cute pixel art strategy-puzzler from two-man indie developer Twofold Secret.

Inspired by 1980s slasher movies, you're put in charge of the harassed counsellors at Camp Keepalive, a summer spot with hilariously lax health and safety protocols, populated as it is by wandering oblivious kids and surrounded by monster-infested forests. It's your job to use the counsellors to bring the endlessly spawning campers back to the safety of the lodge before the bloodthirsty creatures lurking in the darkness can get them.

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