Brunswick Pro Bowling

PlayStation Move

We only played everything.

At last, Sony's new motion controller has a name. And it's not Arc or Gem, as you'll know if you read our live text blog or the rumours floating around the internet before the press conference even kicked off. As soon as it was over the audience flocked to the room next door, where Sony had set up 30 demo stations to show off the first batch of PlayStation Move games.

Brunswick Pro Bowling

Let's get the inevitable comparison out of the way. Brunswick Pro Bowling for the Wii is a bit like the bowling game in Wii Sports, in that it's a bowling game for the Wii. It's not as good though.

Actually Brunswick Pro Bowling is more like Rockstar Table Tennis, at least in theory. It's meant to be a realistic sports sim which is easy to pick up and play, but offers more depth for longer term players. It's not as good though.

In fact, it's not even as good as an evening in AMF Lewisham, although you're less likely to leave with athlete's foot. Or stab wounds. Or the autograph of someone you saw on Jeremy Kyle. The point is, it's not very good.

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