Box Cat

App of the Day: Box Cat

I hope no real, flesh-and-blood cats ever get hold of Box Cat on iOS. For one thing, their cute, fluffy little paws would struggle with the game's simple controls, regardless of whether they were using the tilt sensors or the virtual buttons, and they'd probably get all upset. For another, the game would leave them with entirely unrealistic beliefs regarding their own durability on busy freeways. In Box Cat, cats tangle with traffic. In Box Cat, the traffic generally loses.

Man, what a wonderfully straightforward setup. This is leaderboard-chasing at its simplest and its most endearingly chaotic: you guide your pixelated little moggy back and forth across the road, colliding with as many cars as possible in order to rack up points. Box Cat's not big - most of the time, at least - but he must have been eating bricks or something, because when he hits a vehicle, the vehicle goes spinning.

You can cobble together huge scores by sheer enthusiasm in Box Cat, but this slight wooliness doesn't really matter: the feedback's lovely, the controls are surprisingly well-implemented, and the carnage that ensues is sufficiently surreal to keep you playing even when it seems to be luck more than strategy that is driving your success. When the action heats up and the metal's really flying, Box Cat reminds me of lazy days spent traffic-checking my way through the streets of Burnout Revenge, or of all that time I wasted pinballing baddies around in Bulletstorm. Why did nobody buy Bulletstorm, eh?

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