Blast Ball

App of the Day: Blast Ball

App of the Day: Blast Ball

Geek chic football.

On paper, Blast Ball sounds like it shouldn't work. It's a mish-mash of game concepts - a physics-based football game infused with arcade platforming and a high-score chasing spirit similar to Super Crate Box. But a few minutes spent playing Blast Ball is enough to alleviate any concerns about mixing together such eclectic genres. The game's sporting, arcade and action ingredients quickly blend into an enticing peanut butter and jam sandwich experience, which is to say that it shouldn't work, but it does. It's a lot of fun.

Blast Ball's action takes place across three rather rudimentary maps, also reminiscent of Super Crate Box, with that game's original Mario Bros. influence still shining through in both level design and basic controls.

Notching up points requires you trundle variously shaped balls into goals at either side of the screen, while an endless stream of enemies marches down from above. You kill them by manipulating the ball into their path, their spindly 2D bodies breaking apart at the seams, or you can simply avoid them. The majority of enemies differ only in their size and speed, with more advanced variants colour-coded and harder to avoid, in another nod to Mario Bros.

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