Birth of America

Birth of America

Birth of America

The Yanks are revolting.

Britain has a great way of dealing with the less glorious episodes in its colourful past - it doesn't talk about them. Ask the average Brit to name a conflict that ended in defeat for the UK and chances are they'll struggle to come up with one. I'd probably struggle too if it wasn't for the fact I'd just spent a pleasant and highly educational week in the company of American War of Independence wargame Birth of America.

BoA uses regiment-sized units, one-month turns and a pretty cellular map of the eastern flank of North America to explore the fascinating story of Britain's failed attempts to crush revolution in its American territories in the late 1700s. For those that don't know the history, thirteen colonies, riled by some heavy-handed taxation, got shirty and declared independence. The war that followed raged for eight bloody years. Ultimately the involvement of French and Spanish forces on the US side tipped the balance in favour of the rebels. Grumpy British dignitaries signed a peace treaty in Paris in 1783.

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