Band of Bugs: Red Kingdom

Band of Bugs expansion ahoy

Band of Bugs expansion ahoy

Red Kingdom scurrying.

Developer NinjaBee has released a new expansion for popular XBLA title, Band of Bugs.

Dubbed Red Kingdom, it will cost you 250 points (GBP 2 / EUR 3), and shifts the focus of the turn-based strategical action down into the Southern Kingdom - where you can control new characters with nifty abilities. You'll also be able to take them to a higher level than before, control two new troop types - artillery and cavalry - and earn more achievements. Thank God.

Red Kingdom will be playable in single-player or co-operatively, as well as in multiplayer battles with your friends on Live. The level editor has been spruced up, too, with added desert tile sets and new items - like stone huts, rock formations, and all sorts of things insects normally crawl out from under.

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