Aurora Watching

Aurora Watching

Aurora Watching

Gear off.

We don't know whether Aurora Watching developer Metropolis Software spent much time peering at the stars during the game's development, but they certainly looked up Metal Gear Solid, because the footprints trodden into the snow by that game are followed in a roundabout way more or less throughout this one.

Unfortunately though, somebody seems to have switched out Solid Snake's sneaking suit stealth-boots, because the result here is a laboured, harshly and poorly-designed facsimile of Snake's path, presumably pattered into the packed ice by giant tennis rackets taped to a pair of Wellington boots operated by an extremely drunken man. Fluffy intros aside, then: it's rubbish. Snow joke [fired! - Ed].

The idea is that you're some sort of grizzled, booze-drenched veteran (see!) pulled out of retirement to go off into the Arctic and sort out a terrorist crisis involving a downed submarine and lots of dodgy-looking chaps in snowsuits. The reality is that you're a badly-voiced, poorly-scripted third-person action game cliché wearily trudging through identikit environments at a slothful pace with a surprisingly crap big gun in your hands.

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