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Art Style WiiWare Roundup

Art Style WiiWare Roundup

Cubello, Rotohex and Orbient.

All the way back in 2005, the Game Boy Advance benefited from a range of seven games under the Bit Generations banner. Simple and affordable, they delivered ingenious nuggets of gaming using basic controls and concepts. Or at least, they did in Japan. The rest of the world never got an official taste of these dinky delights.

Thankfully, the world of WiiWare is perfect for just this sort of gaming, so original developer Skip Ltd has rejigged two of the seven, redubbed them Art Style, and added an all-new title for good measure. In keeping with the old cheap n' cheerful approach of Bit Generations, each game costs just 600 Wii Points (that's around GBP 4.20 / EUR 5.40) and will take up only a tiny amount of your precious Wii memory.

But are they any good?

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