Armored Core Formula Front

Armored Core: Formula Front

Armored Core: Formula Front

Giant robots in the palm of your hand.

There's a distinct point in my childhood when I clearly recall being struck by the realisation that I was, to be blunt, a geek. It wasn't when I tried to convince my family that, like Han Solo, I could understand what Chewbacca was saying. It wasn't even when I spent a weekend with a tape recorder pressed up to the TV, recording a compilation of my favourite ZX Spectrum themes.

No, it was when all my friends were collecting Transformers, that seminal eighties toyline about giant robots in disguise, while I was the only person at my school to have nailed their toy allegiance to the mast of Tomy's Zoids. Like Optimus Prime and gang, Zoids were giant robots but their key selling point was that you had to build the damn things before you could play with them. And even then, you had to be tediously careful, lest their fragile plastic and clockwork frame got snapped during a pitched battle. Needless to say, most sane kids simply couldn't be arsed. Me? Loved it.

I heart robots

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