Armadillo Run

Armadillo Run

Armadillo Run

Constructive criticism.

Britain is heading for a serious engineer shortage according to CBI Director-general Richard Lambert. He reckons the reason so few UK students take physics at A-Level then go on to do engineering degrees is the evil combined science GCSE and the lack of inspirational secondary school science teachers. Personally I put it down to the fact that Armadillo Run isn't part of the national curriculum.

This brilliant physics-based puzzle game has the power to turn even the most ardent science hater into a budding Brunel, Eiffel, or Dyson. However addicted you are to slaughter or strategising AR will seduce you, I guarantee it. The concept is really simple. Each level consists of an inanimate basketball-like armadillo, a blue destination portal and some anchor-points or pre-built structures. Using elements like rope, steel, elastic, and rockets you have to build a device that will get the armadillo to the portal.

Money for old rope

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