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Nolan Bushnell to receive BAFTA fellowship

To be awarded at ceremony in March.

Reeves: Job cuts unlikely to affect games

PS3 sales forecasts remain unchanged.

Ubisoft expects new consoles by 2012

Has also acquired new sports property.

Free Radical Design closes doors

Battlefront moving to Rebellion?

LOTRO developer cuts staff post-Moria

QA and support jobs lost at Turbine.

Conan 360, Secret World still on track

Console has "most, if not all" PC content.

Funcom lays off American staff

Age of Conan developer tightens belt.

Developers sue Brash Entertainment

Dying publisher didn't pay its bills.

Avalanche prepares to lay off 77 staff

Just Cause sequel unaffected.

Sony was right to recall LBP - Harrison

Former Sony man loved the beta, too.

LittleBigPlanet delayed in Europe

New date expected shortly.

Games added to US cut-price 360 bundles

No word from the Euros yet.

ChampMan had "no vision, no direction"

Dev studio boss says that will change.

X360 getting external Blu-ray - report

Rumoured to cost USD 100 - 150.

'Google to buy Valve' report "speculation"

Deal imminent says The Inquirer.

PC makers see piracy as "hidden benefit"

Reckons Id CEO Todd Hollenshead.

Wada says Square Enix is platform-neutral

Always considering "territory and hardware".

ESA can save "soulless" E3 - Moore

"There are important meetings ahead."

Bungie has "three distinct projects"

But don't expect a big reveal soon.

EA apologises for FIFA anthem gaffe

Made a mistake with Soldiers' Song.

Microsoft working on 3D games

But unsure about the whole headgear thing.

Microsoft won't ever cancel games

Says European bossman type.

San Andreas is best-selling in US ever

Good work, Carl Johnson.

Forbes backs Apple to challenge DS

Ahead of anticipated App Store launch.

PSP takes top spots in Japan

Hardware and software victory.

PSP is "gateway drug" to consoles - SCEA

Keyboard for it due within 12 months.

BBFC launches new ratings system

For downloadable games and movies.

Epic acquires Undertow developer

Chair pulled up to Unreal table.

Games more important than hip-hop

When it comes to influencing men, says man.

Sony announces the new Big Phil

Big Shuhei doesn't have the same ring to it.

Gran Turismo series ships 50m

That's a lot of driving in circles.

Peter Moore unveils All Play range for Wii

"Our games can be too hard sometimes."

Valve releases Steamworks SDK

Full access now available.

MS, Yahoo rejected Steam, says Valve

So they just did it themselves.

Take-Two says GTA estimates too low

CEO confident of epic sales.

Paddy Power taking bets on GTA success

Bet on this sick filth now.

UK Gov should celebrate GTA - Kingsley

Rebellion boss tells off Select Committee.

GTA IV smashes records at Play.com

More than 80 orders a minute taken.

Why no Damon in Bourne game?

High Moon man explains.

The Sims hits 100 million

"Ouch," says 100 million.

Retail to struggle with GTA IV demand

Shortage warnings appear.

GT5 Prologue still ahead in Euro charts

German and Spanish yet to tyre.

Codemasters eyes console MMOs

In talks to publish two titles.

Factor 5 signs with Brash

Another game due in 2010.

SOE to report to Kaz Hirai

Mothership to pay closer attention.

User-made content "Holy Grail" for Home

Moderation and quality are the issues.

EA Sports promises more new IP

But Moore quashes F1 game rumour.

Midway plans casual game portal

Casual console titles TBA shortly.

Infogrames offers to buy Atari Inc.

Confused? Take our hand.

Xbox 360 price cut rumoured

Industry sources point to Easter drop.

Nintendo tops Spanish, German charts

Wii/DS the majority of each top ten.

FeatureHistory of Atari

What's Big Phil getting himself into?

USD 208.7m bonus for Rock Band devs

Performance-based pay.

Online gaming key to Atari revival - CEO

Gardner also points to catalogue of IP.

Lego to do physical versions of MMO chars

You'll be able to design one and have it made.

PAX 2008 to host indie showcase

Panel of 50 to choose best games.

SCi to cut jobs, cans 14 projects

UK production jazz moved to Montreal.

PEGI better than BBFC - Microsoft man

Games approach versus films approach.

Sony opens up PS3 advertising

Ad outfits to fight over it.

Houser helped inspire new EA structure

So says Riccitiello. Seductively.

Take Two willing to negotiate with EA

But only after GTA IV comes out.

EA offers USD 2 billion for Take Two

Take Two says no, EA goes public.

Harrison frustrated with Sony Japan

They didn't 'get' social gaming in time.

Microsoft job ad spins "new Live" rumour

Talk of "a new environment".

8 million PSN downloads in January

Must be all those film trailers.

EA wants USD 6 billion revenue by 2011

More Sims games should help.

Best Buy to push Blu-ray

On the swings?

EA extends NFL deal to 2013

Madden has generated over USD 2 billion.

Levine says devs must amaze people

Talks about BioShock mistakes.

COD4 is AIAS Game of the Year

As BioShock takes the most awards.

ELSPA denies DS piracy quote

After article claims huge R4 usage.

Sony outlines Home changes

Based on beta feedback.

Valve unveils SteamWorks kit

For devs and publishers.

Haze delayed again

Until April at least.

EA responds to Fox News nonsense

"A new level of recklessness."

59m online gamers in China by 2008

Estimated 48m last year.

BioShock receives 12 AIAS nominations

No Slitherlink, absurdly.

SCi management team quits

Following reported shareholder revolt.

GamersGate distributing THQ stuff online

SupCom, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., etc.

Gamecock announces EIEIO '08

March event to showcase line-up.

Microsoft to present GDC keynote

A Future Wide Open, apparently.

NCsoft no longer funding Spacetime

Developer lets 12 people go.

TGS 2008 moves to October

The hotels will still all be booked.

March launch for Wii Software service?

That's WiiWare to the US and Japan.

Sony Japan scrapping 20GB and 60GB PS3

Final shipments this month.

Wii Fit sells 1 million in Japan

Results before you know it.

Lifetime Achievement Award for Meier

Civ chap to be honoured at GDC.

FIFA 08 tops UK Charts

Assassin's Creed still up there.

Hirai hopes for PS3 profit soon

Within next fiscal year.

Skype for PSP Slim this month

Poor old PSP Pudgy.

1.2m US PS3s sold over Xmas

3.9m total over the pond.

Warner Bros. sides with Blu-ray

Exclusive support in future.