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Ghost Recon Online Review

Soldier of misfortune.

Sniper Elite V2 Review

Heer today, gone tomorrow. UPDATE: now with impressions of PC-only deathmatch mode.

FeatureThe Problem with Android

Why aren't we covering more Android games? Because the devs haven't been making them. And they have their reasons...

Some of you have noticed that we don't cover Android games as often as iPhone games on this site. We've definitely noticed that you've noticed. But the lack of Android games on this site isn't for lack of will or some sort of bias - I myself own a lovely HTC Desire HD. There just aren't as many good Android exclusives. The new, promising titles I find on the Google Play store (née Android Marketplace) are very often reheated ports from iPhone games that were popular last year.

App of the Day: Dungeon Raid

The Mines of Moreish.

This time last year, we gave a hearty thumbs up to Dungeon Raid, a roguelike RPG delivered via the mechanisms of match-three. The core of this smart little game remains unchanged, but in the intervening period it's received a slew of updates that expand its variety and customisation options, before finally launching on Android devices in early February. More additions are planned, too, along with a free HD update, expected to arrive at the end of March.

Dear Esther Review

Read letter day.

An argument has been raging among the judging panel of the Independent Games Festival. The flashpoint: whether the moody mystery narrative of Dear Esther constitutes a game at all.

FeatureWhy Devs Owe You Nothing

When does a game belong to its fans rather than its creators?

Last week, 10,000 people took to Steam to play Half-Life 2 as part of a gentle protest against Valve's silence on the development of the series' next instalment. It's part of an ongoing campaign that rose from the background noise of forum discontent to deliver an open letter to Valve.

Dustforce Review

Bitter-sweep victory.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, so the saying goes. And yet, while I wouldn't deny the deep sense of spiritual well-being instilled by a freshly bleached toilet pan, I can't claim to feel very zen after playing Dustforce, a time-attack platformer which takes tidying as its theme.