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Rob Fahey is a former editor of GamesIndustry.biz who spent several years living in Japan and probably still has a mint condition Dreamcast Samba de Amigo set.

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FeatureVeni, Vidi, Vita

Vita won't be built in a day.

FeatureBeachside Burnout

The Team Bondi revelations shock few in the industry and that is a shameful thing.

FeaturePre-Owned Mercenary

Capcom takes aim at the second-hand market - or so the Internet wants to believe.

FeatureBlowing Bubbles

Mobile and social gaming are in a huge valuation bubble - but that doesn't have to mean that disaster is coming.

FeatureOrigin of War

EA rattles its sabers at Steam - but Origin's strategy is a throwback to the bad old days.

FeatureIdentity Theft

Nintendo's decision to carry its Wii and DS branding into the next generation will confuse more consumers than it attracts.

FeatureCalling the Elite

The underwhelming nature of Call of Duty Elite disguises an experiment that could define Activision's future.

FeatureBorn Free

Age of Conan joins a growing list of freemium MMOs - a wise move, or a desperate one?

FeatureWar is Over

Will the next generation of consoles herald a truce in the graphics arms race?

FeatureRiders on the Storm

There's a crisis on the way for console core gaming, but this cloud has a thick silver lining.

FeatureRock and a Hard Place

There's trouble ahead for the core games market - but it's wrong to blame social and mobile for these problems.

FeatureInto the Breach

Sony's PSN security breach looks disastrous - but it's so much worse than that.

FeatureGoing, Going, Gone

PSPgo is laid to rest. Weeping is unlikely at this funeral.

FeatureNo Silver Lining

Cloud gaming continues to fascinate - but the economic arguments don't add up.

FeatureSlapped Down

Gearbox' misstep with Duke's Capture the Babe mode is likely to raise hell - and rightly so.

FeatureSqueezed Middle

Life as a second-tier publisher is no longer tenable.

FeatureThriving Core

Take-Two's sales figures suggest there's never been a better time to be a core gamer.

FeatureThreat Level

Satoru Iwata's warnings of a threat to the industry ring hollow.

FeatureReady for Launch

The 3DS lands in Japanese consumers' hands this weekend, but how does Nintendo plan to keep its handhelds relevant?

FeatureWar in the Pocket

Microsoft has a new ally in attempts at a mobile foothold - but this is only the first step.

FeatureThe Show Goes On

Activision's dramatic slashing of non-performing IP makes some business sense - but the long-term impact looks grim.

FeatureUnited We Stand?

Calls to merge UKIE and TIGA ignore the fact that the industry is becoming more diverse.

FeatureSony's Surprise

PSP2 holds few surprises, but PlayStation Suite could change the face of mobile gaming.

FeatureTalk to the Handheld

Everyone expects 2011's handheld battle to be a re-run of PSP vs DS, but the world has changed since then.

FeatureSecond Coming

Rumours swirl about the PSP2's unveiling - but what form will it take, and where does this leave the 'PS Phone'?

FeatureDeep Insecurity

PS3's security failure marks an unhappy new year for Sony and raises questions for every console maker.

FeatureThe Future for Dummies

It's easy to deride Farmville, but social gaming is relevant to the whole industry.

FeatureRewriting the Rules

Cataclysm isn't just an expansion pack - it's a fundamental change to how MMOs are operated.

FeatureAre pre-owned sales killing gaming?

A look at both sides of the argument.

FeatureBlowing the Candles

Xbox 360 is five - and this is one console that grew up quickly.

FeatureLonely at the Top

Howard Stringer is said to be seeking a new President for Sony. Has Hirai's moment come?

FeatureBizarre Situations

The boxed game market is a tougher place than ever to survive, even for studios with a proven track record.

FeatureCave's Story

Bullet hell in downtown Tokyo.

FeatureBack to Black

The media cares more for COD's sales figures than its violence, which marks the end of a very different war.

FeatureWaving and Shouting

Kinect is MS' biggest launch since 360, but its confidence can't hide the challenges it faces.

FeaturePhone Home

Marrying a PlayStation with a Phone has never made more sense, but remains a tough proposition.

FeatureHard Numbers

NPD's redaction of sales figures is a symptom of a wider truth - industry statistics are no longer meaningful.

FeatureA Challenge to Freedom

A European perspective on the Californian violent games bill. (Hi Ted!)

Inafune surprised Layton/Wright happened

Didn't think Capcom would work with rival.

FeatureDigging for Victory: Minecraft Explored

A look at the indie game phenomenon.

FeatureWhen Small Means Big

The price on ngmoco may have shocked some but the company's track record justifies it.

FeatureBreaking Up

Splitting the Xbox division from Microsoft is a controversial idea, but some of the reasoning behind it is sound.

FeatureLegacy of Joy

PlayStation's legacy was more than games - it created a new generation of gamers.

FeatureFeatherweight Champion

The lowly tech specs of the 3DS won't be a problem, but replicating the DS' success will be difficult.

El Shaddai

Angel may cry.

FeatureSetting Sun?

This year's TGS suggests that the Japanese industry is far from "finished", but still has a lot to learn.

FeatureThe Boys' Treehouse

If women really are choosing to leave the core games industry, who could blame them?

FeatureJob's Game

Steve Jobs has finally embraced gaming as a key part of Apple's business. Nintendo and Sony should be seriously worried.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

A whole new world.

FeatureRealtime Crisis

The collapse of Realtime Worlds will impact UK development for years to come.

FeatureThe Art of Fable III

Science and industry.

FeatureGoogle's Got Game

The inevitable showdown between Facebook and Google looms - and games may well be the battlefield.

FeatureGame of Life

Social and casual gaming are one facet of wider change as people embrace games in new ways.

FeatureMagic Playdom

Disney's expensive social gaming acquisition speaks of a company desperate not to be left behind.

FeatureConflicting Goals

Kinect's pricing speaks of a company torn between market expansion and monetisation.

FeatureThe Ivory Tower

While game developers worry about next week's deadline, are academics building gaming's long-term future?

FeatureHead in the Cloud

Questions about how to entice gamers to use cloud gaming remain unanswered.


To the floor.

FeatureCommunity Chest

Blizzard's Real ID may be a misstep, but at least it's thinking about community, when many rivals aren't.

FeatureDark Glasses

The post-E3 war of words over 3D glasses reveals the true weakness of Sony's position.


Any cop?

FeatureNo Relief

The Budget was a bitter pill to swallow, but at least there's a sugar coating.

FeatureBridge Games

E3 had plenty of core games and casual games - but where are the titles to span that gap?

FeatureSafe Bets

The Wii offered a chance to innovate without taking huge risks, but consumers weren't interested.

FeatureShogun 2: Total War

Returning Japanese.

FeatureFeedback loop

Emerging platforms aren't just new ways to make money - they're also changing the way games are developed.

FeatureFacebook's Triumph

Zynga's commitment to Facebook clears the path to the next stage in the platform's evolution.

FeaturePassed Around

Publishers hate the second-hand market, but it may be the only thing propping up high street retailers.

FeatureGold Rush 2.0

Promises of a new wave of profit for iPad developers ignore the destructive downward pressure on iPhone game prices.

FeatureKilling the Goose

As Infinity Ward sheds staff, battle lines are drawn - will IP or creative talent prove more valuable?

FeatureBetter Than Halo: The Making of Halo 2

As Microsoft prepares to switch off Xbox 1, Bungie reveals the painful birth of the game that defined Xbox Live.

FeatureMoving On

Just who is expected to buy this year's new motion controllers?

FeatureDownloading the Future

DLC is the burning issue of 2010.

FeatureSpecial Edition

Expensive versions of games are growing common, but consumers are growing wary of them.

FeatureGame Changer?

If successful, Apple's iPad will demand and reward creative thinking from game developers.

FeaturePoints Mean Prizes

If console currencies aren't designed to mislead, what are they for?

FeatureRecession or Transition?

Did the games business shrink in 2009 or did consumers just abandon the high street?

FeatureLook Back to Look Forward

The next decade looks set to be more exciting.

FeatureGetting It Wrong

The DS is the UK's most successful console. How did we all get it so wrong?

FeatureThe Price Gamble

Does Modern Warfare 2's success mean that Activision's price hike was justified?

FeatureStark Contrasts

Activision celebrates record-breaking success, but EA's long-term plans may make more sense.

FeatureSave your Scorn

Do those predicting or celebrating the Wii's decline have a point?

FeatureDigital Survival

Expect top games retailers to scramble for a foothold in digital distribution in the coming months.

FeaturePrice Pressures

Retailers and publishers murmur about price rises on the horizon. This is suicidal talk if consumer trends hold true.

FeatureAd Nauseum

Advertising on console dashboards is a great idea if it's handled with care.

FeatureThe Real Cataclysm

Competitors hoping for WOW to decline should be careful what they wish for.

FeatureThe Making of World of Warcraft

Part Two: Five years at the top.

FeatureThe Making of World of Warcraft

Part One: From concept to launch.

FeatureA Tale of Two Publishers

EA and Activision's battle for revenue supremacy is less interesting than their divergent strategies.

FeatureBlizzard's Rob Pardo

How the world's most successful studio makes games.

FeatureThe collectors

Ownership is a basic human desire - one which digital distribution advocates ignore at their peril.

FeaturePeripheral Vision

E3 is all about accessories this year - but it takes more than clever toys to drive console sales.

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Monster Hunter try.

FeatureThe End of Publishing

Digital distribution will change things, but publishers will remain part of the landscape.

FeatureConan's Second Coming

Funcom bridges the content gap.

FeatureTV Game Show

Tomorrow's TVs could usher in a new era for gaming.

FeatureCreative Downturn

The recession could hurt creativity - but if publishers won't take risks, others certainly will.

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